University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Thursday, April 4

TSC Performing Arts Center, Brownsville

 9:30-11:00am                     Dr. Scott Horey, Lecture-Recital 

11:00am-12:30pm.           Dr. John Parks. Clinic: Orchestral Tambourine Techniques. Lecture: Recording Technology.

 12:30-2:00pm                    Lunch

2:00-3:30pm                       Dr. John Parks, Clinic with Sharyland Pioneer HS

3:30-5:00pm                       Dr. John Parks, Clinic with Roma HS

7pm                                     Concert: Downbeat. Roma HS, Sharyland Pioneer HS, and   UTRGV Percussion Ensemble


Friday, April 5

Multi-Purpose Hall, BMSLC (Music, Science and Learning Center), Brownsville

 9:00-10:00am         John Parks IV (Florida State University), “The New Art of Noise.”

                                     Chair: Silvia Lazo (UTRGV)

10:00-10:40am      Scott Horey (University of Minnesota-Morris), “Holistic Learning and Awareness Overview for Modern Percussionist Artist/Teacher.”

10:40-11:20am      Micheal Barnes (University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music), “Melodic Rhythm: Understanding the Snare Drum Through Embodied Cognition.”

11:20am-12noon  Virginia Davis (UTRGV), “Musicians of the Ear and Eye: Communities of Practice Among Percussionists and Drummers.”

12noon-2:30pm     Lunch

                                     Chair: Andrés Amado (UTRGV)

2:30-3:10pm           Luís Bittencourt (Aveiro University, Portugal), Documentaries:

		“What We Want to Hear”
		“Water Music”

3:10-3:50pm           Gladys Maestre (UTRGV), “Bass and Polyrhythms: Perspectives from the Neurosciences.”

3:50-4:30pm           Susan Hurley-Glowa (UTRGV), “Perceptions of Volume and Power: Owning Space Through Sound Cross-Culturally.”

4:30-5:10pm           Silvia Lazo (UTRGV), “Fulfilling Psychological Appetencies Through Tango’s Dance, Sonic Aesthetics, and Visual Drama. An Alternative Approach to Interpreting Tango’s Sex-Appeal.”

 * Many thanks to Marco Guerra (Graduate Student), Dr. Andrés Amado, and members of the Judging Panels.





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